Get Your Cv Sorted out Today

Your CV is a selling document. It’s probably the best chance that you will ever have to show someone else just what you can do. It may help to think of it as a glossy brochure, rather like the one you might pick up in a Mercedes or a BMW showroom advertising their latest model car.

English people are reserved and shy. Popular myth or is there some truth in the statement. If the soccer matches that I’ve attended are anything to go by, reserved is one adjective that does not apply. Your CV is not the place for reservedness, rather a place to show the world exactly how you can contribute. Do you have to boast? A little, but there are ways to show your achievements without being a pain in the derrire

One technique to avoid coming across as some sort of snake oil salesman is to highlight your achievements. By stating exactly what you achieved for a business in the past immediately gets the employer thinking about what you can do for them. After all, if you increased the sale of widgets by 15% last year, what’s to say that you can’t do that again?

Most mothers taught us to be honest. So where did we learn to lie? Your CV is one place where lies genuinely have no place. No half truths either please. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. There is nothing, however that says you have to put anything in your CV about your mistakes. Focus on the good things that you have done. Mistakes? Leave them out.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are vital in a CV. While the proper English police won’t be turning up on your doorstep if you spell a couple of things wrongly, you won’t be getting many interviews if you do. Spell checkers are excellent but the best answer is having someone else to proof read your CV. You would be amazed what they will pick up as you are too close to the subject to be objective

Your educational and professional qualifications should be listed separately. Educational qualifications are gained through institutions like colleges, schools, etc. Professional qualifications are gained through companies, training providers and the like, They are different and should be listed separately

A clean driving license is a great asset. Whether or not this is necessary for the job you are applying for is largely irrelevant. It shows you are careful, have a healthy respect for the law (or that you are clever enough to avoid being caught) and can be called upon in an emergency. If you have a license but have convictions, just show what class of vehicle that you are licensed to drive.

Recruiters don’t really need to know your age. Of course, for some professions it is important, for example professional sports people. Otherwise, leave your age off your CV. Make absolutely certain though never to include your date of birth. This is highly sensitive information which could be used with other information (like your address) to steal your identity